Uses of Sex Dolls and Gaps in Sex Doll Use

Domestic uses of sex dolls

A typical practice situation for silicone sex dolls is the domestic setting where the sex dolls are accessible foe leisure and long term usage at home. 100cm love doll can be used as a companion, pleasure, sexual exploration, and also for increasing satisfaction for couples and individuals. The male users, show strong adverse effects when it comes to objectification of and fierceness against females. There is an assumption that when men are using female-like sex dolls, it trains them to sexually objectify actual females to disrespect sexual approval. There is also a prediction that females are already affected by pervasive exposure to the beauty standards which are unrealistic in the media, which will make women feel more insufficient during exposure to a consumer culture that markets perfect beauty, eternal youthfulness and totally submissive torso sex dolls which are female gendered.

Commercial use of sex dolls

Sex dolls can be used in doing business and earning money since one can opt to open a sex brothel only for users of sex dolls. The first sex doll brothels were opened in Europe, Asia and in North America which was accompanied by media publicity. In these brothels, customers pay for services per hour in a room with a sex doll which is a human look alike of their choice. It is arguably correct that sex dolls can act as women substitute in terms of prostitution to relieve them from it hence leads to reduction of sexual violence. Although, the is no data collected on this to get and hear the opinions of the sex workers on whether they would love to be relieved of their work or whether they are afraid of the competition that the sex dolls are posing in the present world. However it has been seen that some customers may want to book both the sex dolls and the sex workers. This shows that there is a possibility that whereby there will be neither competition nor substitution but the sex workers and sex dolls could collaborate. There are several factors that are motivating people to visit sex doll brothels today. First, it is about the need for discretion, that is, concealing a full body sex doll from family members is not possible. Secondly, it is concerned with budget restriction, since life like sex dolls is costly. Thirdly, is about media induced curiosity since it is intriguing to see sex dolls in fictional, pornography and nonfictional media.

Therapeutic use of sex dolls

There is a divided perspectives of clinicians on using sex dolls for therapy. A section of therapists believe that sex dolls or love dolls, as they refer due to ownership, can be a useful and healing intermediate process after experiences that caused trauma most importantly in the company of a professional therapeutic care. The other section of clinicians are against usage of sex dolls for the purpose of therapy since their marketing is done with rather specious health claims. There are sex dolls which have childlike appearance which can be helpful for people with pedophilic preference. Such peoples can use such sex dolls to make them avoid from engaging in actual child sexual abuse and it is promising when it comes to therapeutic use. Other therapists totally oppose this use of child-like sex dolls since they argue that it will normalize and encourage child sexual abuse in both the society and the pedophilic persons.

Gaps in sex doll use

Despite the fact that pornography has become normal to both male and female, it is not clear on how big the population of users of sex dolls is and if it will increase or remain a niche market. There is lack of systematic market analyses on the popularity and acceptance of the use of sex dolls. For example, china has one child policy and there are a lot men who become a sex dolls target group. The society is full of the aging and also a gender gap in expectancy, there will be presence many widows and older females who are single in mostly developed countries making them a target group for sex dolls which encourages further innovation in sexual technologies.

There is a study that has show that owners of sex dolls experiences have demonstrated that males establish multifaceted, multi-dimensional intimacy with their sex dolls, but are unlimited to searching for sexual satisfaction. The struggles of sex doll conceptualization with the passivity and status of dolls and human doll relationships which are one sides, in the research of media field, parasocial relationships concept between media figures and humans has been developing since time immemorial. There also an establishment that parasocial relationships and interaction are always healthy. Erotic and romantic relations between media figures and people are mutual, for example adolescent girls feeling affectionate for boys’ group members from a music band, and psychologically useful and with a meaning. Parasocial relations and interactions between media figures and humans can be used in the investigation of persons- sex doll relations and interactions.

As much as the research has covered the play of men with female sex doll, it has ignored the play of children with childlike sex dolls and the research on play of women with baby like dolls. Kids sleep with, kiss, love, talk to and cuddle with their dolls, and at times poke the eyes of their dolls, cut their hair without permission, or even does operation on their dolls stomachs. Though, no one notes that the children use these childlike dolls, they might make them antisocial and makes them want to treat other kids like objects. The same is true for women who own dolls that are realistic baby dolls. In this context, females used doll play to show fantasies that are sexually related to motherhood and procreation with no accusations of antisocial feelings and objectification of children, although their actions are scandalized and criticized in the media. There is also research on doll therapy which focused on patients with dementia and encourages kissing, holding, talking to, cuddling, dressing or feeding an anthropomorphic doll because relations and interactions with dolls offers peace control and comfort also feelings of purpose, bonding and pride that can lessen anxiety and other symptoms of dementia. Sex dolls owners have reported that the dolls offer healing and soothing effects. So there is a need for theoretical elaboration on linkage and differentiation of different groups of users and functions of distinct types of dolls. Literature points out to distinct kinds of owners of sex dolls such as possibly paraphilic, passionate, or lifetime idol.

Silicone Sex Doll

BBdoll Sex dolls are objects that are used by people for more pleasure when they are masturbating or having sex. It has become a norm to use sex dolls in present time, BBdoll gives attention to premium Silicone sex dolls which are more real and are the best in the market of sex dolls. These sex dolls poses implanted eyebrows and hair which enhances their beauty. Also have several layers of make up with real veins which promotes its attractiveness and realness. They also poses soft butt, breasts and vagina for the best experience of the user. They are also designed as female gendered hence realistic body of a female.

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Danny White