The physical attraction between two people

Many of the human relationships that start beautifully, with passion and mutual attraction, turn over time into toxic, dysfunctional or abusive relationships.

The causes that lead to this outcome are multiple, for example: personality and character mismatch, vision of life, values, aspirations and different lifestyles, or because physical attraction is confused with love, we come into relationships to run of loneliness (and a thirsty man is desperate after any drop of water), and so on.

So some people choose escorts in Amsterdam. I’m not saying it’s okay or bad. Everyone has the right to choose their way into life. The physical attraction between two people is based on bio-chemistry, the animal instincts that we have as genetic inheritance. But this attraction is not enough for two people with neocortex and rational thinking to have a functional relationship.

Once the passion is consumed, what remains between the two people determines the quality of the relationship between them, and if there are no common points and compatibility outside the physical attraction, conflict, frustration, disappointment, etc. are born. The two will continue to struggle with each other and with themselves to bring back their passion, but this is not possible. If there is no compatibility, a relationship that relies only on physical attraction is destined to failure.

Do not be amazed that your passion can come back, give no chance to chances, do not worry, if you try it better, if you change or change the other, it will be like the beginning.

Your unconscious urges you to struggle to regain the pleasure you have experienced, but your rational mind knows the truth – listen to it!

Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips