Foreplay and teasing techniques that will leave her wanting for more

There has always been a rumour that says that men usually don’t enjoy foreplay as they love to jump on to the main game. Well, this is just not true as there are numerous men who just love the idea of foreplay, particularly when you utilize the right foreplay techniques. If you know how to foreplay in the right manner, this will lead to an explosion in orgasmic bliss.

While both men and women tend to like foreplay, there are many who don’t know how to start off with it. They are not much confident about their body or their partner’s body and this is when they lack confidence to start off with it. If you’ve been wondering about the techniques to get hot, here are few techniques that will keep your partner begging for more.

  • Make her beg for more

Men are usually ready to have sex but women are not always ready to have sex. They usually require a short session of warm up in order to prep up their mood, both physically and mentally. Henceforth, few worthy foreplay techniques can do wonders in satisfying your woman to an extent where she reaches a state of orgasm.

  • Caress all her body parts

If you act desperate and greedy to have sex, this has a bad impression on your partner. Instead of just concentrating on her breasts and vagina, you should begin by caressing all her other body parts like her arms, legs and stomach. Give her enough time to prepare herself for sex and you should act as if you care about the needs of her body.

  • Make her predict

When she is able to predict, this will definitely heighten her sexual senses. Whenever she expects to touch her erotic zones, you should start undressing her. When you do this, she will be left predicting about the next move that you’re going to make. This will arouse all her sexual desires and will help her reach orgasm sooner.

  • Tease and kiss her thighs

Did you know that the nerve that is located at her inner thighs is usually the most sensitive one? While you’re already caressing her other body parts, leave the thigh for the last so that you can watch her breath increase when you touch her there. When you kiss and caress her thighs, this also stimulates her genitals in a nice way.

  • Keep her warmed up always

If you’re planning to have sex once you’re done up for a dinner date, make sure you warm her up already at places where she can react spontaneously. When both are watching a movie, try to touch her in the erogenous zones. This will make her go wild and by the time you reach home, she will be perfectly ready for sex.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about how to make her feel hot before you land up in the actual game, you can take into account the above listed factors.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise