11 tips for a cozy date night

It’s the time of year when, if you’re like me, you’ll be staying in more evenings than usual. Spending quality time with your partner while keeping warm and cosy is a lot easier than it sounds! Here are some suggestions for getting out of your PJs.

1) Hot chocolate date at home

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in an oversized jumper and drinking hot chocolate (or tea!) together under a blanket to feel cosy.

2) Dine out at an unconventional restaurant

If you’re sick of eating dinner round your kitchen table or on the sofa watching TV there are plenty of alternative dining options that will make you feel special without breaking the bank. Try any kind of themed, pop-up or experimental restaurant that takes your fancy.

3) Go for a walk

We all know the best way to get rid of cabin fever is a bit of fresh air and exercise. Wrap up warm and go for a long country walk where you can hold hands and enjoy nature. You’ll work up an appetite which you can satisfy with something tasty from one of our recipes here .

4) Make hot drinks together

There’s nothing like sipping tea or coffee together while wrapped in your favourite blanket on this wintry weather front. If you’re feeling extra creative you could give these cute mugs a try !

5) Watch a movie

Netflix queue not cutting it? Head to the cinema or rent a movie and snuggle up together with some popcorn. The perfect way to spend an evening in!

6) Play board games

There’s nothing like rolling dice next to someone you love. Finally get that Scrabble board out again, put on your best outfit and play for hours! You can never go wrong with Monopoly, Pictionary or Cluedo either.

7) Watch the stars

This one is especially good if it’s a clear night sky outside. If you’ve got roof access lay down a blanket under the open sky and watch all those twinkling stars together while holding hands…it really is magical!

8)  Build a fort

This one is great if it’s also snowing outside. If you have kids this will be easy-peasy, but if not just get yourselves into some thick jumpers and find an old sheet or blankets to drape over your heads and sit under there sipping hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and whispering secrets like children do.

9) Cook together

Be as creative as you like with this one! Bake cupcakes, make spaghetti bolognaise, try out new recipes for dinner – anything that doesn’t require too much skill as long as the process is fun (we don’t want anyone to burn their fingers)! You can learn more here .

10) Watch a movie in bed

If you have a projector this one will appeal to you. Pop some popcorn, grab a big bowl of sweets and make your own theatre at home! This also works if you put on your PJs and pop under the covers with some nibbles.

11) Go for an early morning walk

There’s something so romantic about getting up early together…if it’s still cold outside wrap yourselves up warmly and go out for an adventure at sunrise. You’ll be rewarded by the most beautiful scenes as the sun rises over hills or fields or even just your local park.

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise