The Benefits of Vac-U-Lock Products

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your sex life, you may have heard of Vac-U-Lock. But what is it, exactly? Vac-U-Lock is an interchangeable strap on system for dildos and other sex toys. It works by using a patented special connector that locks onto the toy, preventing it from coming loose during use. This system provides stability and peace of mind, letting you focus on enjoying yourself without worrying about your toy coming loose.

In this guide, we’ll explore the many advantages to equipping yourself with a quality-made Vac-U-Lock sex toy.

  • Universal plug size

One of the greatest things about Vac-U-Lock products is that the plug size is universal. This means that once you’ve purchased a harness, you’ll never need to buy a new O-ring again because every Vac-U-Lock toy on the market fits this plug size.

  • Versatility in use with any other Vac-U-Lock toy

Much the same way that all Apple products are compatible with each other for ease of use, Vac-U-Lock adopts a similar approach to the design and manufacture of its products. In a nutshell, this means all your Vac-U-Lock toys will work with any Vac-U-Lock plug accessory – be it suction cups, double-sided plugs and so on. Feel free to use your imagination and get creative with the endless possibilities!

  • Simplicity of design

With Vac-U-Lock, there are no snaps or multiple O-rings to worry about. A little bit of wriggling is all it takes to pop your variety of toys on and off plugs, with specially designed Vac-U-Lock powder and cleaning products to make life even easier.

  • The traditional O-ring is now incorporated into newer designs

What does this mean? No need for multiple harnesses. The new Platinum line integrates the traditional O-ring so all your O-ring harness compatible toys are completely usable with any extra harnesses necessary.

When it comes to simplicity, versatility and convenience in the bedroom, Vac-U-Lock offers a whole host of benefits

If you’re not a fan of long preparation, disassembly/reassembly, or too many accessories for a single product that can’t be used in conjunction with anything else; Vac-U-Lock spells the end of your frustrations!

Werner Ortiz

Werner Ortiz