How to Appropriately Care for Your Sex Toys

#1: Caring for Your Male Masturbator

It is very important to use water-based lubricants always when it comes to caring for your male silicone sex toys. This is because oil-based lubricants can damage the material of these toys. Ensure to clean your sex toys after using in order to prevent the proliferation of germs and other organisms in ejaculation. The best sex doll experience can only be gotten when your toys are coming from reliable and experienced dealers such as the Pleasures N’ Treasures. There is surely no limit to the fun from sex dolls.

Masturbators may seem complex, but they are designed for easy cleaning. To clean them, use liquid soap, warm water, body talcum or talcum powder, disinfectant or spray cloth and a lint-free cloth, spray or disinfectant cloth and talcum powder will be required. Don’t forget to remove vibrators and other electrical equipment, cables and wires from masturbators, if any, before cleaning.

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Follow the following steps:

  • Turn the masturbators gently. The extensible material is durable and will not break if you do it very gently.
  • Now immerse the masturbators in hot water or rinse with warm water. The water should not boil. Rinse equipment very well with fingers inside and out.
  • As soon as the masturbator is completely wet, rinse with liquid soap outside and inside. Make sure the soap reaches every corner of masturbators.
  • As soon as the wash is complete, keep the masturbators dry with a lint cloth, inside and out. The water-repellent properties of the material will dry within seconds.
  • Now, spray the masturbators with a toy or disinfected cleaner or make use of a disinfectant cloth to clean it inside and out.
  • Lastly, pour the talcum powder on the masturbators, only on the outside. This ensures preservation. It is advisable to store masturbators in a dust free and dry environment that enjoys access to fresh air. Special toy bags are ideal for safe masturbators storage
  • Store your masturbators in a dry, dust-free place and accessible outdoors

#2: Caring for A Blow-Up Sex Doll

Most inflatable sex dolls are associated with care, love, and attention to their inflatable bodies. They are prone to the tension and damage caused by the air forces inside, pushing towards the layers during use. They are also open to snagging or piercing, so you have to store the repair kit that comes with the handle safely because the time will come when you will need it. Take note of the following tips when caring for your doll.

  • Do not overwhelm your wrist too much.

Enlarge your wrist for most of the time and let it sit for 10 minutes. This allows even distribution of air throughout the wrist before it is fully pumped. The less air you put into the wrist, the less pressure you will use during use.

  • Repair the holes quickly.

Please be sure to follow the instructions in the hole repair kit to achieve a good result. Make sure the perforated surface is clean and dry so that the adhesive material is connected in order to form the air seal.

#3: Caring for Real Sex Dolls

Real dolls often have a form of explosion. The same rules apply to cleaning the holes and taking care of the body. If your joint is made of a material that has a real feeling instead of a PVC material, it must be sprayed regularly with a new powder (or baby powder), such as flesh light Refill Powder to make it look fresh. If your wrist has removable genitals, you can take care of them in the same way as your male masturbators. Clean it with antibacterial cleaners for sex dolls and thoroughly dry.

Werner Ortiz

Werner Ortiz