Can an Escort Refuse to Meet Her Client Again?


Escorts usually are independent and therefore they can always choose whether they will meet a customer or not. Particularly, if any new customer calls then neither the escort nor the agency will know much about the customer.

However, once she is familiar with the client and the escort liked his company, then she will not mind meeting him again.

There can be following few reasons, why an escort may reject any customer:

  • Client hygiene problems
  • Aggressive behaviour of the client
  • Lack of respect for women
  • Trying to invade into personal the life of escort
  • Client’s intention to continue to stay with the Escort after their time is allocated, without paying any extra money.
  • Offering less amount than what was agreed
  • Not paying any tip even after using her more
  • Fall in love with the escort
  • Often give high amount as tips to win the heart of the escort
  • Client trying to use her too much

The above list is just few common reasons, why escorts generally refuse to meet their client once again, however the reasons for refusing may differ from one escort to the other.

Most of the escorts of few well known agencies like Lovesita have sufficient discernment to decide when they should meet and when they should refuse to meet a particular customer again. 

Though, such cases of refusal can be very rare as these escorts too do not want to lose their business by constantly refusing to meet their client unless there are some compelling reasons. Even if you are hiring a Trans in Paris, chances are that they may refuse to date you under a few circumstances. 

Mostly in such cases, they will leave instructions to the receptionists of the agency to refuse any reservation for such clients who are blacklisted by the escorts. Thus, escorts will never have to interact directly with such customers.

Therefore, if you are interested to get the company of such beautiful and gorgeous girls as your escorts, then you need to be good client with these escorts. 

Therefore, you must follow the following basic things to get favour of these escorts:

  • You must be polite with them
  • Be respectful and also offer complements whenever necessary
  • Maintain a good hygiene
  • Don’t indulge into their personal life and rather have professional approach
  • Offer necessary tips
  • Never be stingy while making their payments
  • Meet them after taking proper shower and also prefer to wear good outfit

If you follow all the above unwritten rules, then you will not only be respected by these escorts but also can get the opportunity to meet the girl with whom you really enjoyed your time and also can create special professional relationship.

As a good client, you too can develop more intimacy with these attractive girls because such kind of meeting is also enjoyed by these ladies. 

Soon you may discover that these escorts do not just prefer simple and fast customers, but always prefer those clients whom they think to be gentlemen. 

Those men who respect the service of an escort in Paris or in any other city, who does not simply waste time on women nor he ever claims that he is in love with a particular lady, such men will never be refused again by any escort. 


Werner Ortiz

Werner Ortiz