This is why everybody should use lube for sex

When it comes to using lube for sex, not everybody is just as excited. Some people may associate it to sexual impotency of the woman whereas others believe it’s only something used by old people. The truth, however, is far from this. In fact, lube is one of the best things everybody should have in their bedroom. Whether you use it for sex or solo masturbation, lube brings along a whole list of benefits for you to enjoy. Nevertheless, people still seem to be hesitant when it comes to using lube. But why? Throughout this article, we’ll have a closer look at the most common misconceptions about lube and why lube actually is an amazing and must-have sex item for every adult male and female.

Should I use lube?

The use of lube certainly is not a necessity. In fact, most people do not use it during sex. The truth is, however, that the usage of lube truly can spice up your sex life. Why? Well, with lube applied, sex simply feels more smooth and comfortable for both of you. This is especially the case for women who feel dry from time to time. With the right amount of lube applied, you’ll be able to have comfortable sex at any time.

Besides using lube for sex, it can also be used in different situations. You can, for instance, also use it during solo masturbation or oral sex. Simply apply some to your hand or onto your realistic dildo, and enjoy a smooth and comfortable masturbation session to come. Some lubes even come with its own taste, adding a whole new dimension to giving your partner a blow job. Added to that, lube can also be used for inserting your Kegel balls or menstrual cup in a more comfortable way.

Last but not least, there is one situation in which the use of lube is a necessity. When having anal sex, you simply can’t go without lube. Unlike the mouth and vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself in a natural manner. As a result, it is difficult to insert something into your anus without using a decent amount of lube. Not only does lube make anal play more comfortable, but it also lowers your chances of getting injuries and infections.

Is it unnatural to use lube?

One of the main reasons why most women do not like to use lube is because it makes them feel unnatural. After all, a healthy vagina should lubricate itself, right? Well, the truth is that there are numerous reasons why a woman can not get wet. When this happens from time to time, it’s nothing to be worried or ashamed about. In fact, the amount of lubrication produced by the vagina differs per person. And even for the same person, it differs from time to time.

Some causes of vaginal dryness include lack or arousal or menopause. However, when it happens every now and then, it’s just natural. Remember, our body and mind do not always work in the way we want them too and sometimes, no matter how hard you try or excited you are, you simply can’t get wet. And on moments like these, you’ll be happy to have some lube at hand! Although foreplay and oral sex work great, nothing is as efficient as good old lube.

How to use lube correctly?

There is a big chance that you have never used lube before and, as of such, you may not be certain on how to use it correctly. Luckily, the use of lube is no rocket science. In fact, it’s extremely easy. Simply apply some lube onto your hand, apply it to the penis or vagina, and you’re all set. The only thing you do have to keep in mind is to use the right amount. When you use too little, the effects will be minor. Using too much, on the other hand, will just create a mess. How much lube you really need depends on the situation and differs per person. Simply start off with a little squeeze and apply more in case necessary.

When you use lube for solo masturbation, you can either apply it to your hand, penis, vagina or straight onto your sex toy in case you’re using one. By applying lube onto your sex toys you can prevent them from tearing or breaking. Not only will it protect the toy itself, but it will also make your whole masturbation experience a whole lot better. Just make sure to double-check whether your adult toys can be used with lube as many silicone toys such as dildos and vibrators can only be used with water-based lube.

What types of lubes are there?

When you’re using lube, it’s not only important to apply the right amount. Another thing you have to keep in mind is to use the right type of lube. It has to be understood that not every slippery substance can be used as a lubricant for sex. So please, PLEASE, stay away from items such as baby oil or coconut oil. Sure, it’s slippery, smoothing, and it smells good but it has not been created for internal usage. As of such, it can be extremely dangerous to use random slippery substances such as baby oil to lube up your private parts. Besides, many of those every-day items are oil-based which means that they degrade your condom. As a result, substances such as baby oil and coconut oil will reduce the effectiveness of your condom, thus increasing the risks of unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

So remember, only use real lubricants that are created for sexual purposes. When it comes to sex lubes, there are two types of lubes: water-based and silicone-based. When you pick your lube, remember to always use a water-based version. This is essential as water-based lubes do not affect your condoms or adult toys. Added to that, they are considered to be more moisturizing and thus more comfortable to use. They are furthermore hypoallergenic which makes them safe to be used by anybody out there. You can apply water-based lube straight onto the body, onto a condom, or onto your adult toys without having to worry. Simply squirt it on and get ready for a hot and comfortable night alone or with your lover!

Danny White

Danny White