How to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion

Giving someone flowers can help you in communicating different sentiments, from giving thanks or professing love to expressing condolences or apologizing. They are beautiful, natural and fragrant and capable of stirring an emotional response in every recipient. Therefore, they have become a traditional present for many occasions. Sometimes, etiquette or tradition may influence your choice of flowers and this can complicate a simple decision. If you are confused, you can check out some of the flowers suitable for different occasions:

Valentine’s Day Flowers 

The first flower that will come to your mind for Valentine’s Day are roses. Their vivid shades of red, as in this Valentia Heart arrangement, are the perfect symbol of romance and passion in your relationship. They work great as a single flower, or you can also give a small or large arrangement, depending on your preferences. If you don’t want to use roses, consider tulips, orchids, hyacinths and carnations. 

Mother’s Day Flowers

Since mothers are special, you need to get them something special and this means choosing an arrangement that makes them feel appreciated and cherished. You can go with a vivacious and bright bouquet, like roses mixed with lilies, chrysanthemums and Gerbera daisies, or colorful carnations. They can light up a room and their fragrance is delightful.

Congratulation Flowers

There are different occasions for which you may want to congratulate someone, such as graduation, a new job, or a new home. Depending on the reason you are sending the flowers, the time of the year and the recipient’s tastes, you may have to put some thought into this decision. For instance, if you are getting flowers as a housewarming gift in summer, you can get a beautiful arrangement of scented and colorful flowers, for winter darker shades are recommended and pale ones in springtime are a good choice. 

Teresa Sabo

Teresa Sabo